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ALT-I-ET landskabet er en helheds-løsning, der tilgodeser mange behov:

ALT-I-ET landskabet skabes via en trin 1., 2., 3., 4. indsats og denne multi-arealanvendelse tilgodeser således:
  1. Klima-hensyn, 2. Klimasikring, 3. Mad-produktion og 4. Kultur-oplevelser samt praktisk logistik...
  Samtidig skabes levevilkår for en stor variation af vilde plante- og dyre-arter - en stor Biodiversitet
- OG arealet har som 'Transit-natur' en MULIGHED for at blive til Uberørt natur.

Et overblik fås ved klik på det lille 'Transit-natur' billede herover.
Flere detaljer fås ved klik på de små billeder.

Herunder den gamle hjemmesiden fra 15/3 2008

scientific tuxSCIENTIFIC.DK develops and coordinates Bio. & IT. projects

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Hjælp til selvhjælp i Kina

In the menu above, we initial link you to the general main operations of our Projects
-analyzes, -development, -coordination, -education -environment, -about & contacts
In the menu to the left, we link you to detailes of one 
example of our present projects:  
1. the ideas of the project and 2. how we put these into practice --- described below.

To keep economy in the project to proceed for the benefit of the children, we offer value-related companies our support for easy access to the Chinese market


Thanks to our Chinese partners our offer is highly improved recently. The natural path-way for us and so our company partners is that we initiate ethic solutions in IT- & environment for the Chinese beneficials. The Chinese partners will in aggreement with us localize, continue the support and spread the consept their way.

The IT-part of the project is here documented, while our general areas and especially the project-development and coordination of the Bio. area has not yet begun to be documented.

1. The solutions of our *present project is helping :

  • more people of low-tech areas to obtain information - by giving them access to computers and computer-training.
  • a more efficient use of Information Technology (IT) - by education & self-reliant training.
  • with support and give remote technical guidelines to the local network on-line.
  • show off the safe, optimized and specialized computers to local decision makers and partners.
  • a better association between IT and environmental resources.

2. The solutions put into practice. For that we :
  • Collect and distribute pre-installed example computers and embedded equipment from Denmark to low-tech areas starting in the Yunnan province of China followed by forwarding local renovated equipment to schools & low-tech companies. As a prototype we send whole school-classes in which rebuild containers will act as the class-room with all available for teaching.
  • Educate & Establish networking around local IT-users to do further installment and development themselves in cooperation with universities and companies
  • Offer IT-support online for install, rescue and optimization of computers.
  • Present and promote the renovated and new computers with high-tech facilities in presentable rooms. That is the OS-Experimentarium.
  • Extend the efficient life-time and reduce energy-consumption of computers to minimize pollution.

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